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Bringing the Best of Kenya's Blooms to Greece:
Our Unique Approach to Flower Importing

As Lauren International we have a distinct approach in the flower industry. We don't grow flowers ourselves; instead, we work in partnership with the finest growers in Kenya who share our standards and values.

Feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries! Our team is dedicated to answering your questions and fulfilling your flower needs. Contact us today!

  • Uninterrupted supply from a diverse portfolio

Our diverse range of Kenyan farms guarantees a consistent, year-round supply, catering to your diverse needs.

  • Our expansive Kenyan network

Lauren International’s partnerships extend to 70+ accredited and sustainable growers in Kenya. This vast network allows us to offer an unparalleled variety of  premium-quality flowers.

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  • Quality and Sustainability at every step

With Lauren International acting as our 'boots on the ground' in Kenya, we ensure top-quality management from farm to vase. This partnership includes collaboration with packaging and logistics experts, ensuring excellence at every stage.

  • Ensuring peak condition and longevity

Our flowers, transported in temperature-controlled conditions, arrive in Greece in peak condition, promising exceptional quality and long vase life.

We are more than just importers; we are your bridge to the beauty of Kenyan flowers, delivered directly to Greece with care and quality.
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