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Lauren International's Sustainable Floriculture Mission

At Lauren International, we're dedicated to pioneering a sustainable future in the floriculture industry. Our partnership with over 70 accredited flower farms in Kenya is a cornerstone of this mission. These farms are members of the Kenya Flower Council (KFC), adhering to high standards for environmental care and worker welfare, with many achieving the prestigious KFC Silver Certification.

Key Aspects of Our Sustainability Strategy:

  1. Participation in the Floriculture Sustainability Initiative (FSI) 2025: This initiative brings us together with suppliers who share our vision for a sustainable future in floriculture, emphasizing transparent, responsible practices across the supply chain.

  2. Our Ambitious Goals for 2025:   

  • Responsible Production and Trade: Aiming for 90% of our products to meet stringent social and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) criteria.    

  • Carbon Footprint Reduction: Utilizing advanced tools to significantly lower the carbon footprint of our main products.    

  • Enhancing Worker Welfare: Focusing on closing the living wage gap for farm workers to ensure fair and decent working conditions.    

  • Transparent Reporting: Committing to regular and clear reporting of our progress in sustainable practices.

Sustainability in Action:

  • Adherence to FSI Basket Standards: We rigorously follow the FSI Basket, a set of standards guiding good agricultural, social, and environmental practices.   

  • Upholding Strict Standards: 

  1. Agricultural Practices: Compliance with GLOBALG.A.P., a leading standard in farm production.

  2. Environmental Responsibility: Meeting high environmental standards verified by FOOD EXPERTS, Kenya.

  3. Social Accountability: Adhering to the benchmarks set by the Global Social Compliance Program.

Our Dedicated Efforts:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint: We're targeting a 25% reduction in the carbon footprint of key items like roses and chrysanthemums.

  • Standardizing Environmental Impact Measures: Actively involved in developing the FloriPEFCR methodology under the European Commission's Product Environmental Footprint initiative, for accurate environmental impact assessments.

  • Worker Welfare Initiatives: Committed to fair wages, we work with the IDH Roadmap on Living Wages, aiming to provide living wages to our farm workers in Kenya.

  • Transparent Reporting: Following guidelines set by The Agreement for International Responsible Business Conduct in the Floricultural sector for clear and integrated reporting.

Our journey towards sustainability is an ongoing commitment to responsible, ethical, and sustainable practices in every facet of our operations. We invite our Greek customers and partners to join us in shaping a more sustainable, fair, and environmentally conscious floriculture industry.

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